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Experts in Advertising Launch Innovative Digital Advertising Platform

Fluid Ads are a team of digital experts in advertising and pleased to promote the digital advertising platform designed for marketers who are keen to take their advertising services further.

Taking advantage of the online opportunity with the use of an ad platform is key to achieving a higher ROI. 

The Fluid Ads platform includes numerous features to enrich the performance of digital performance in four key areas with options such as:

  • Deliver Ad Campaigns
    • Campaigns sent live in-platform
    • Take tags away to serve ads via different network

Using the Ad builder, marketers can quickly create ads that are beautiful and on-brand bringing strong engagements. The solution provides features that are easy to use and ideal for responsive designs. Marketers can deliver ad campaigns within the platform or take tags away to use the ad creative on a separate network.

Bringing powerful features such as Feed Ads in-platform that have the ability to display entire stock or catalogue listings which remove the risk of wasted budget, so marketers never advertise out of date information or stock no longer available. Feed Ads automatically brings in changing live data for ad creation from your selected feed enabling marketers to control the digital display activity from one central location. 

The Fluid Ads platform allows clients to change their ad content and ensure that it automatically matches with the user’s mood. This is designed to ensure that marketers can achieve more relevance and resonate with a user to derive a stronger click-through response for high-performing campaigns. 

Retargeting capabilities are also available in-platform. Retargeting ads are an important tactic proven to have higher conversion rates and the Fluid Ads platform ensures Marketers have the crucial second or third chance they need to win over a user. The platform allows users to create personalised display ads designed to help build the marketing pipeline and increase brand awareness. 

The feature most in demand is the capability to run Geofencing Ads from the Fluid Ads platform. Geofencing Ads are an ideal way to target a local audience or known prospective customer hotspots. This is where a virtual border is defined around a location and anyone that passes through this perimeter is marked to target. This really helps marketers reach people who have visited their location and ensure that they can find new customers. 

John Robinson, Managing Director at Fluid Ads commented “We’re delighted that the launch of the Fluid Ads platform means we can support businesses who need an in-house digital advertising solution to reach new audiences. The timing couldn’t be better as businesses need to take advantage of the vast growth in digital audiences”.

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