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Have your teams creative skills been killed by repetition?

With digital marketing channels growing and the consumer expectation for brands to engage with them cross-device your designers are under an ever-increasing strain to fulfill these requirements. So how do you make sure your teams creative skills haven't been killed by repetition?

Your creative team is exactly that, creative. To get the most of your design team and the creatives within your business, they need to be challenged. They want to work on briefs that illustrate their design flair and enable them to showcase their skills.

What you don’t want to do is task your designers with spending their days manually tweaking and reformatting digital creatives. Yes you need to create a variety of ads in different sizes and shapes to advertise cross-device. Of course it’s vital to showcase your vast array of products in the best possible way and update your ads as and when new deals drop, or new offers go live.

But you don’t want your creative teams to waste their time with repetition, let creative skills be killed by repetition and most-importantly your valuable budget shouldn’t be wasted paying for them to do so.

The Fluid Ads Ad builder creates beautiful, feature rich, multi-format, multi-shape HTML5 Banner ads in minutes. Crucially, creative teams and designers will be rid of repetition and will have space to bring back some creative flair and fresh thinking.

The Ad Builder enhances your ad production efficiency enabling you to build and flight HTML5 digital display banner ads immediately. Production spend is instantly reduced, while investment can be diverted towards acquiring more media, engaging with more potential customers and boosting your sales in the process.

With Fluid Ads everything will be much more efficient, cost-saving and high-performing. Digital display ads that resonate with your audience, are always accurate, drive higher engagement and boost click-through rates will be created in minutes, without the need for any repetition from your creative team.

Simply do the work once. Create your digital display ads from one tag and automatically cascade any changes to that tag.

There’s no need to worry about creating a banner for every single device or shape, our platform does it for you, while our host of ad templates are optimised to drive higher engagement and click-throughs. Our suite of templates is also regularly updated with new styles and animations to relieve this burden from your creative team.

All of your assets will be managed in one place for faster ad creation within our asset library. Your brand imagery, logos and colours will be automatically harvested directly from your website with no additional work on your part, while our platform also supports multiple languages to quickly and precisely re-work your ads for numerous territories.

Connecting your data feed directly to the Fluid Ads platform, will mean that all of your ads are automatically updated in line with any updates to your inventory, as well as changes in pricing or deals.

Your business will become super-efficient and your customers will always see ads that are up-to-date and relevant for their needs. John Robinson from Fluid Ads: “We understand how powerful high-performing responsive HTML5 display ads can be. We also know the pressure this can place on design teams when it comes to creating multi-shape ads for numerous devices. The ad builder exists to make this process simple and hassle-free. We want to make teams more efficient and to enhance their ad engagement, improving their ROI in the process.”

Zach Nossell, Digital Media Integration Lead, Woolworths. “The Ad Builder revolutionised the way we work as a business and our approach to the creative process. Our design agency was struggling with the demand for display ads in multiple shapes for thousands of our product lines. Within a week of using the ad builder, it completely changed everything and reduced the workload of our design team back to the core conceptualising and original creative work where they excel. Crucially, campaigns that once took a week now take an hour. We’ve seen a 3900% productivity increase and it’s completely transformed our digital advertising.”

If you’d like to find out how Fluid Ads can revolutionise your approach to digital advertising and ensure your creative skills aren’t killed by repetition, contact us today.


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