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How to create the best digital ads in 2019 with the latest tech

What are the objectives behind your digital advertising strategy? Are you trying to build brand awareness? Do you want to retarget website visitors and boost your conversions? Do you want to drive as much performance as possible from your available budget and outperform your competitors?

Whatever the underlying principles of your strategy, the definition of the “best digital ads” will depend on the objectives of your business and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your campaigns. Here are five ways to create the best digital ads in 2019 with the latest tech for the needs of your business.

1. Build digital display ads in minutes
We know that 50% of companies say that design plays a huge role in how success is achieved. It influences first impressions of consumers and impacts the way they perceive your brand. While you may spend time getting your website design up to scratch and have consistent branding across all your social media channels, you’ll struggle to hit those KPIs if your digital display ads don’t match up. That means the Creatives in your team will be spending all their time creating and reformatting digital display ads right?

Utilising an Ad Builder like Fluid Ads, you can simply build beautiful, feature rich, multi-shape HTML5 digital display ads in minutes. With many available ad templates, everything will be on-brand to best showcase your business. Crucially, you’ll also save time, boost performance and increase efficiencies within your creative team. Not to mention saving budget.

2. Engage with your users when it matters most
Remember, only 2% of website visitors convert on their first visit to your website, bringing into focus the importance of getting your retargeting right.

The first stage is to understand their intent when they’re on your website. That means you need to be able to first record the data that you need to analyse where users engage on site and what this means about their intent, whether they viewed products, category level pages, blog posts or even abandoned their basket. The next stage is to tap into this intent and serve them with an ad that is highly relevant and super-targeted.

With the latest technology you can collect data from wherever you desire on your website, providing the building blocks for your retargeting strategy and enabling you to segment your audience based on their intent. With Fluid Ads your users will be retargeted with highly relevant ads, driving improved click-through rates and boosting conversions in the process.

3. Solve your business problems
Businesses in multiple sectors often face the same issue. How can you keep your digital display ads relevant and up-to-date when your inventory keeps changing? This is a daily challenge for many, including car dealerships with ever-changing offers, travel providers with a wide inventory and gambling companies with odds updating in real time.

There simply isn’t time for your Creatives to build multiple ads with slight changes to deals and offers. Even if they did, the offers would likely change by the time they were built or your Creative Designer is looking for a new job where they can truly be creative again.

Feed ads are digital display ads that connect directly to your product inventory or another relevant data source. With Fluid Ads technology, once the feed is created the ads will update in real time as and when offers, deals and products change. You do the work once and let the technology take care of the rest. That means that your users will always see the right ad at the right time. Your advertising will be high-performing and your business more efficient.

4. Tap into the mindset of your consumer
What’s the average click-through rate on digital display ads in your industry? For automotive this is around 0.60%, while ecommerce retailers see an average of 0.50%, with real estate looking at around 1.08%.

How do you improve on that? We know design plays a part as does relevance when it comes to retargeting. Timing and messaging are also crucial. Think about it, users do different things at different times of the day. They may toggle between social media sites and news sites on their daily commute. A lunch break might be a time to buy gifts or to spend time researching their next vacation. The evening is all about browsing. At each of these different moments in the day, users will have a specific mindset which focuses their online activity. It’s your job to understand the individual mindset in the moment and serve users with messaging that taps into how they feel at that time.

Dynamic ads are whereby the creative of your ads change automatically in line with defined external data. This solution from Fluid Ads can include time of day, the weather, the language of the user, and keywords searched. Users will see relevant ads that suit their mindset making them more likely to convert.

5. Cater to the different needs of your users
Consider tapping into the power of display advertising for brand awareness campaigns to:

• Increase interactions with your brand
• Build positive brand associations
• Increase brand loyalty
• Motivate consumers to engage with your brand, its products and social media channels

Your brand awareness ads therefore need to cater for a variety of needs and perform multiple functions at the same time. Providing one URL to click through to from your ad will likely limit the performance. Some of your users may need to be directed to the homepage, others products and some may want to visit your social media accounts or read reviews.

Multi-click ads enable you to include multiple URLs to click through to, ensuring that you can direct different users to defined areas of your site to enhance their customer journey with your brand.

With Fluid Ads in your arsenal we can provide an end-to-end service for all your digital display activity. Contact us today to revolutionise your advertising strategy.

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