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Agencies can scale up capabilities to provide ongoing value to clients

Growing and scaling your agency is always a big challenge. You need to look at your internal capabilities, understand your clients’ needs and factor in the investment associated with change.

Change is necessary though. The media landscape continues to evolve, agencies are facing new technological challenges every year, and clients are becoming ever demanding and likely to cut their budget to bring capabilities in-house.

Scaling might be necessary, but it also needs to be approached with caution. Here are five essential tips to increase your agency capabilities while ensuring you continue to provide essential value to your clients. Without providing that value, it simply won’t work.

1. Choose the right partners that can enhance your offering

Agencies thrive when they choose the right partners. However, the wrong choice in this area can result in wasted budget and little value for your clients.

Base your decision on how a potential partner can improve your own offering. Can they give you access to market-leading technology? Will they plug into your current team and improve processes and efficiencies? Is it cost-effective for you as an agency and is it something you can sell to your clients? The latter is crucial and brings us on to point two.

2. Question how you can solve your clients’ challenges

These days clients want their agency to consult and advise as well as activate.

It’s your role as an agency to understand your client’s key challenges and provide solutions. You therefore need a solutions-focussed approach to scaling. Do you have a number of retail businesses with struggling brick-and-mortar locations? Increasing your offering to include Geofencing will therefore be something that will clearly benefit your clients. It should be an easy sell.

The technology will only be relevant to you if it can really improve your clients’ businesses.

3. Become their strategic partner

We’ve already covered the need to solve your client’s challenges. That’s the first step. The next is to work with your client from a strategic perspective and provide them with detail on the challenges they may soon face that are in-line with the changing behaviours of their customers.

Insight is key. While you might have knowledge and experience within the agency to identify upcoming trends, you also need to provide your clients with actionable customer insights. Scaling up your reporting functionality is therefore key to give this additional value to your clients. Let them know who their customers are, how they behave online, what offers, and deals will resonate and even what motivates them to visit one of their physical locations.

That’s the strategic value you can provide from simple growth of your agency offering.

4. Save them time and money

Is your client spending budget unnecessarily with a creative agency? Are they considering bringing ad creation in-house, but are worried about the drain on time and resource for continuous tweaking and reformatting of ads?

Upscaling your offering to bring ad creation into your agency with a solution such as the Fluid Ads Ad Builder promises a cost-effective option for your clients to stop wasting their money with an expensive ad agency. It will also boost the efficiency of their internal creative team enabling them to concentrate on the bigger creative tasks.

Now that’s something you can sell to your clients.

5. Evaluate the ease at which you can deliver your new solutions

The sell is one thing and getting clients on board can sometimes be the straightforward part. Next you have to deliver the solutions.

When choosing an ad-tech partner, yes they need to enhance your offering, but they must do so in a clear and intuitive way that is easy for you to deliver internally. An ad-tech provider that makes the complex simple is essential. This will make it a quick and easy process to upskill you team without the need for hours, time and money to be wasted.

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