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Why you can’t afford to advertise out of stock vehicles

Car buyers spend 59% of their time researching online. Before a decision is made on which car to choose and which dealership best caters to their needs, they’ll research every element in plenty of detail.

That means a lot of time spent online and for your business, this presents a great opportunity to get in front of them with the right vehicles, deals and offers. Whether you’re retargeting users that have visited your website already, pushing brand awareness through geotargeting, or getting clever with geo fencing, you can’t afford to make a big mistake. You must keep all your ads up-to-date with vehicles that are in stock, you can’t afford to advertise out of stock vehicles and here’s why.

Customer frustration

We know that 87% of Americans dislike something about shopping at car dealerships, with many feeling like they’re taken advantage of while there. That means that you’re already on the backfoot. You need to ensure that your customer experience is slick from start to finish, from the minute they engage with you online and from the second they walk into your dealership.

Being served with an ad that is relevant to their needs, for a vehicle they’re interested in, with a deal that’s very enticing will just become incredibly frustrating if the car is out of stock when they click through to your site. Your customer experience has fallen down, and you’ve lost them.

Your competitors won’t

In such a competitive market, it’s essential that you get in front of your competitors whether that’s done through the cars you stock, the deals you offer, or your approach to advertising. If you’re not using the right ad-tech to keep your ads always up-to-date, you can guarantee that your competitors will be.

Important marketing priorities will slip away and impact your ROI

For car dealers, by far the biggest marketing priority is to increase the volume of leads and improve conversion rates. The two go hand in hand and the right advertising strategy can ensure that they work together.

Creating on brand and high quality digital display ads will be the first step to help you to generate leads, nurture them through retargeting and guide them through the purchase funnel, to drive up your conversion rates. But how can they convert if your ads and your available inventory simply don’t match up?

That means the budget you put behind your advertising will be wasted.

You’ll be missing a huge opportunity

The path to purchase in the automotive industry doesn’t follow the conventional rules. When consumers first begin considering a new car purchase, they start with two to three models. However right before they settle on the right car for them and have done all their detailed research, they’ll in fact be considering up to five makes and models.

That means even at the end of their journey, you have a huge opportunity to grab their attention with a new offer on one of the models they’re considering. They can be swayed right up until the last minute.

If you combine this with geofencing and target them when they’ve just visited one of your competitors, you can really increase your chances of poaching them at the crucial time. But not if your ad isn’t up-to-date.

The success of your digital advertising strategy hinges on ensuring your ads are always up to date in line with any changes to your inventory. Feed ads provide you with a simple, cost-effective and high-performing solution to make sure all your ads update automatically in real time. Your customers will enjoy a seamless online experience, while your approach to advertising will become super-efficient, with none of your advertising budget going to waste.

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