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Why Use Fluid Ads?

You need to be sure that you are working with the right partner, so we first want to understand your marketing goals and if we’d be a good fit.


If we believe we can do a fantastic job for you and your brand(s) we will be delighted to work together – and if we are not a good fit we will be honest and say that we’re not the right partner for you. Read on to see what you get with Fluid Ads and why we offer something no other company can match:

The Only Digital Advertising Platform You’ll Need

The best digital adverts are creatively intelligent. That means they not only look fantastic, but they cleverly target each individual that you want to speak to. It’s the perfect mix of brand awareness and personalisation working together to bring you results. 

With Fluid Ads we take the load off, you don’t need to stand up a team to manage your display campaigns, our platform and our expert team, enable this for you. You get data-driven segmentation at your fingertips, and easy access to cutting-edge tools like geotargeting and geofencing.

Our Unique Technology 

Proprietary IP, our platform provides a complete end-to-end display advertising tool-kit. Used by some of the biggest brands in the world, we will match the correct blend of technology to meet your campaign goals.

Fluid Ads - Why us - Our Unique Technology


Geotargeting & Geofencing

We believe we offer the best geotargeting and geofencing ad solutions available anywhere. Our technology allows you to serve stunning digital display ads precisely to the audiences you want to reach. Ringfence any area you like and pinpoint exact locations down to just a few metres. This means you’ll know your adverts are being seen by exactly the people you want to target. You can also target your audience by keywords or categories, and a range of other parameters.

A/B Testing 

With Fluid Ads you can run multivarient testing on creative to ensure maximum performance. Once the A/B testing threshold is reached our platform automatically analyses the performance data and delivers the creative with the best CTR for the rest of the campaign.

Ad Builder

Whether you are a high-end digital designer or have limited design skills, we have the ‘swiss army knife’ approach to your creative needs. Either build your own templates, or select and edit templates with our Quickbuilder to produce dynamic ads at scale. We also offer design services to teams which need this outsourced.

Ad Control

Through the largest range of targeting solutions in the market, you select who you want to target based on topics, interest categories, placements, context, demographic, geographic or use custom audience information. 

The Fluid Ads platform has everything you need to set up simple tests, through to complex targeting and personalised retargeting campaigns. Your adverts can respond automatically to external factors such as the time of the day or the weather. If you want to display merchandise, you can set up feed ads, connecting your adsets to your live inventory, so audiences only see items you have in stock.

Media Buying

We are integrated into a number of DSP’s (Demand Side Platforms) and Media buying networks to ensure we find, and buy, the right audience and lookalike customer profile for your business at the keenest price.

Live Reporting

The one thing we understand more than anything at Fluid Ads is the power of data. Knowing how your adverts are performing and having the ability to optimise performance is vital to any successful campaign.

We appreciate that some companies love all the granular raw data they can get their hands on, and others want to have the data analysed by us and create actionable insights. As always we are happy to discuss what is the right level for your business.


“Our results driven approach provides clear transparency on the effectiveness of your ads. With real time metrics providing unparalleled insight into how things are working, empowering you to ultimately find that perfect solution. It’s the only way to get greater efficiency and less waste….or as we like to say: more leads at less cost.”

Richard Duxbury, Vice President of Partnerships


Our Experience and Clients

Since our launch in 2016, Fluid Ads have created and served millions of digital display adverts for clients around the world including Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Woolworths, Betfred, PureGym and many more. 

But don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients think on G2


Fluid Ads - Why Us - Flexbility and options


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