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Why digital advertising?

A holistic digital strategy always outperforms standalone tactics, a system of interlinking tactics that complement and support each other, multiply the effect, delivering increased engagement, CTR and ROI. So how does digital display fit into the mix, read on to find out:

Brand Recognition and Recall

The message you deliver drives 75% of the outcome of your advertising campaigns. Creative is key and we are a creative technology company, building from the creative out to media and beyond. Display ads are the ultimate form of visual communication online, using your brand styling and colour palette to strengthen brand awareness and messaging. Digital display ad recall is significantly higher than traditional media, this means customers that have been exposed to your adverts instantly recognise your business.

By allowing your business to show up in the places where your audience is already active online, display advertising reaches audiences that search does not.

Precision Targeting

Your advert needs to be seen by your ideal customer profile (ICP), but where do you start? Audiences search the internet for many different reasons, for business, for education, for finding inspiration for holidays or information for health issues. They also depend on online platforms for keeping in touch with friends, family and staying up to date with news or TV shows. Consumers also just browse the internet and social media platforms filling up their spare time, providing almost endless targeting opportunities.

At Fluid Ads we know the key to creating the optimum digital strategy is understanding your customer. Our expert team work with our clients to plan a digital display campaign based on topics, interest categories, placements, context, demographic, geographic or based on custom audience information.


“We ensure the campaign targeting matches the ICP, as well as ensuring you are re-engaging existing customers or previous visitors.”

Charlotte Jackson, Customer Success Director


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