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At Fluid Ads we offer two service options, each of which includes the following benefits.

Fluid Ads provide the ability to:

  • Create stunning digital display adverts using our Ad Builder tool.
  • Precisely target the audiences you want to reach anywhere in the world at any time with our industry-leading geo targeting and geofencing system.
  • Select and manage the channels and websites you want your adverts to appear on and keep close control of your budget.
  • Fully understand how your advertising campaign is performing with our in-depth reporting suite, giving you actionable insights.

Fluid Ads Services

Fully Managed Service

We save you time and money by managing every aspect of your advertising campaign for you, from creating eye-catching adverts to targeting where they are displayed to providing the data you need to know how your campaign has performed.

Our expert digital advertising campaign managers will continually ensure your campaign is optimised to maximise your return on investment (ROI).


Using our innovative self-serve platform, you can manage your advertising campaign yourself. You can simply create your own adverts from scratch or use one of our many ad templates, choose how they are targeted, select the channels and sites you want them to appear on, and see the results in the reporting section.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll get everything needed to achieve better results from your online advertising campaign. 

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