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Our Results


Results from Fluid Ads

We take pride in the ‘value-add’ and the results we deliver for our clients:

“We had the highest number of conversations ever while running targeted campaigns with Fluid Ads”


“It almost tripled the CTR performance helping us to renew this account for 2019”


“Driving the CTR 300% above industry standard for Mazda”


“We’re really pleased with the success we’ve achieved through Fluid Ads, for every $1 spent we got $3 back!”


“Campaigns that took a week now just take an hour”


“Driving the CTR 70% above industry standard for Waylands Automotive”


“Google web design for our non-coding designers is a bloated solution with steep learning curves. We’re looking for something lean and mean”


“Fluid Ads reporting insights means we can future proof campaigns and better report our ROI”


Our Case Studies:

Client: Charity (Anonymous)

Location: USA

Sector: Not for Profit

No. of staff: 80+

The Challenge: To find a digital advertising partner that can deliver effective and ongoing advertising campaigns to support this mission in quickly becoming the local market leading car donation program.

The Solution: Fluid Ads managed service was the right solution providing ad creatives with the delivery and optimisation of ad campaigns.

The Result: The Charity client selected Fluid Ads to become their long-term digital advertising partner. Campaigns delivered by the Fluid Ads team have brought a huge return on investment for the client.

Client: Knauf

Location: UK

Sector: Building & Manufacturing

No. of staff: 10,000+

The Challenge: The pandemic altered the way people shopped and the availability of stock. Initially Knuaf wanted to generate an audience of “tradespeople” who had returned to shopping in-store.

The Solution: Geofencing Ad campaigns was the solution. Geofencing is a location based marketing tactic that allows campaigners to draw virtual borders around certain locations to better identify and target users that pass through them.

The Result: In 9 months, 5.9 million users saw Knauf promotions with 7,084 clicking through to their website which resulted in Fluid Ads being the chosen digital ad partner for Knauf.

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